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                克兰福德 Cranford


                In Cranford nobody is very rich, but you must not talk about being poor. Indeed not! That would be a very vulgar thing to do. And in Cranford it is important not to be vulgar. At the Honourable Mrs Jamieson's evening parties there is only thin bread-and-butter (expensive food would be vulgar), and Miss Deborah Jenkyns is extremely cross when Miss Jessie Brown talks openly about her shopkeeper uncle. An uncle in trade! What horror!

                150年前的社会规则虽然和∑ 现在的不同,但人并没有什么两样。克兰福德的女士们和任何时代的人一样,她们会★有喜怒哀乐,会骄傲、勇敢、嫉妒——也非常善良。可爱温柔的马蒂小姐遇到困难时,大家都想帮她。虽然马蒂〖小姐在生活中遇到很多不幸,但也有一个惊喜在等待着她……

                The rules of society were different 150 years ago, but people stay the same. The ladies of Cranford are just like people in any age. They can be sad, happy, proud, brave, angry, jealous—and very kind. When dear, gentle Miss Matty is in trouble, everybody wants to help her. And though there are many sadnesses in Miss Matty's life, there is also a very happy surprise waiting for her...



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