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                2015-05-24专四100条阅读★难句:sentence 23

                  As the words begin to flow, the ideas will come out from the shadows and let themselves be captured on you... [查看全文]

                2015-05-23专四100条阅读难Ψ句:sentence 22

                  They only come in when a friend drops dead on the golf course and they think, "Geez, if it could happen t... [查看全文]

                2015-05-23专四100条阅ζ 读难句:sentence 21

                  Sometimes, when I was pushed into an argument on left brain versus (相对于) right brain, or nature versus nu... [查看全文]

                2015-05-23专四100条阅ξ读难句:sentence 20

                  For example, when the board of the University of Colorado searched for a new president, it wanted a leader ... [查看全文]

                2015-05-23专四100条阅读难句:sentence 19

                  Like most consumers, she finds little time to shop, and when she does, she&rsquo;s on the hunt for "cute st... [查看全文]

                2015-05-23专四100条阅读难句:sentence 18

                  In 2003, when Cambridge University appointed Alison Richard, another former Yale provost, as its vice-chancellor... [查看全文]

                2015-05-22专四100条阅读难句:sentence 17

                  I recall an incident in a handball game when a referee refused a player&rsquo;s request for a time out for... [查看全文]

                2015-05-22专四100条阅读难句:sentence 16

                  Then there is the general, all covering apology, which avoids the necessity of identifying a specific act tha... [查看全文]

                2015-05-22专四100条阅读难句:sentence 15

                  Another method by which people appear to apologize without actually doing so is to say "I&rsquo;m sorry you&r... [查看全文]

                2015-05-22专四100条阅读难句:sentence 14

                  Its strategy rests on two beliefs: first, a global product offers economies of scale with which local brands... [查看全文]