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                I'm in a swollen Chinese river,trying to fight my way out of the jungle. 这里是中国 我在急流中挣扎 努力渡河 走出丛林

                The storm is still overhead,and the water level keeps rising. 阴风怒号 大雨倾盆 水位不断增高

                We need to swim nice and steady across this river. 要稳住 慢慢游过去

                A hell lot of rain. Sun was covered all up.Okay, stay with me.We'll get out into the main flow. 雨下得好大 天也阴着 跟紧我 要进主干急流了

                Just watch out for stuff going downstream. 小心漂下来的东西

                Logs and whole trees are flying past me on all sides,brought down by the typhoon. 被台风卷下的树枝树干 不断从我身边漂过

                I've just got to keep moving here.Watch out for this one. 我必须赶快渡河 小心 看这树干粗得

                It's not the stuff on the surface you want to watch out for.It's the ones under the water. 不仅要小心漂浮的杂物 水底的也要小心

                The danger, just the amount of flow coming down.You get pinned against branches that's underneath. 被砸中了会很危险 树枝上可能带着钉子

                Fighting the current and dodging the debris is exhausting.I've got to use something to keep me afloat. 对抗水流 躲避杂物让我筋疲力尽 我得借力浮游

                Just gonna grab this.Use this branch to give me a bit of buoyancy. 要抓紧这树干 这样游省力点

                I'm quite struggling in this.Let's get in to the shore. 真够「费劲的 上岸吧

                I'm pretty beat from that river.Kind of draining, you know? 过河累死我了 一点力气都没了

                It's a mix of cold water and adrenaline and concentrating. 水特别冷 只能一鼓作气 靠意志游过来

                And a healthy amount of fear in there, as well. 说实话 还是挺害怕的

                I want to try and find some food and get the energy levels back up a bit. 现在得找点东西吃 希望恢复体力

                Caves, actually, like this are never bad places to look,if we can have a look in that. 山洞里一般都有吃的 我们进洞看看

                But before I go in, I need a light source. 但进洞前 我需要照明

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