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                I find some rusty chain on some freestanding timber. 我在这根独立木梁上找到一根生锈的铁链

                I check above to make sure it's not attached to the supporting roof beams. 我检查一下木梁顶部 确定它没有碰到承重的横梁

                That's probably worth taking.See if we can get this off.And I've got it. 它们说不定会有用 看看能不能拿下来 拿到了

                That was close,but this could come in handy.Daylight. 真是千钧一发 不过这东西迟早派得上用¤场 重见天日了

                Soon the adrenaline stops pumping. 终于缓了口气

                God, I didn't notice how quite how much this finger was bleeding when I caught it going into the mine. 上帝 我都不↘知道 进矿井时我都没注意 手指流了这么多血

                Trying to use a bit of this pine resin just to put over the cut and seal it. 用一点松脂 覆盖在▲伤口上 封住它

                The last thing I want is for that to get infected out here. 此时我最不愿意 碰到的就是感染了

                That's gonna help cover it,seal it from any nasties.Okay. Let's keep going. 松脂▃可以保护伤口 不要沾染≡上脏东西 很好 继续前进

                As I travel towards the valley bottom,I'm reminded of how extreme this place can be. 我继续向山谷底部前进 才发现这里有多险峻

                There's a deep ravine ahead.At 150 foot deep,it's a formidable obstacle. 这里々有一条很深的沟壑 有150英尺深 这鸿沟真是令人望而生畏

                The rock on the cliff looks far too unstable to attempt a downclimb.But I've got a plan. 崖边的岩石太不稳固 无法顺着石头爬ξ 下去 不过我有个主意

                If I can somehow make, like, a grappling hook,throw that into the tree, 如果我可以做一个爪钩 带着缆绳

                and get the wire across,and make like a zipline from here to there and then just climb down that. 扔到那棵树上去 从这儿到那里◇拉出一根滑索 沿着绳索就可以爬过去

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