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                常春藤生活英语:Murphy's Law 莫非定律





                Candy signed up for a cooking class because she wanted to improve her cooking skills. After she browsed through the list, she chose a baking class. Candy had often thought that becoming a pastry chef would be fun. However, she had always been too hesitant to try it. On the first day of class, Candy was all thumbs. It seemed the other students were better at baking than she was. She feared she might be the worst student in the class, but she decided to try her best.

                The second day of class was going better and, although she was still anxious, Candy was feeling more confident. It seemed to her that mixing everything together was quite easy. When that was done, she poured the mixture into a cake pan. Then, she placed the pan in the oven. As the cakes baked, Candy and the others watched the teacher demonstrate how to properly decorate a cake.

                Afterwards, it was time to take out the cakes. Unfortunately for Candy, something had gone wrong with hers. It looked and smelled terrible. After the teacher checked and tasted the cake, she said Candy had made several huge mistakes. Instead of using sugar, she used salt. Instead of only using egg whites, she used whole eggs. And last, instead of using cocoa, she used cinnamon. It was a disaster that only Murphy's Law could explain.




                Building Your Vocabulary

                1.hesitant a. 犹豫的,迟疑的

                You will miss this chance if you are hesitant.


                2.pour vt. 倒,灌,注

                Alice poured some juice into a cup.


                3.demonstrate vt. 示范

                I'll demontrate how to use this machine later.


                Phrases for Learning

                1.sign up for...  报名参加……(的课程)

                Lisa signed up for a yoga class to stay fit.


                2.browse through...  浏览……

                I spent 30 minutes browsing through this magazine.


                3.be all thumbs  笨手笨脚

                I am all thumbs when I play the guitar.



                1.pastry chef n. 糕点师傅

                2.mixture n. 混合物;混合料

                3.egg white n. 蛋白

                4.cocoa n. 可可粉

                5.cinnamon n. 肉桂

                6.disaster n. 失败;灾难

                Grammar Check

                ...demonstrate how to properly decorate a cake.


                句中的"how to properly decorate..."称作名词词组,所◥谓名词词组乃由『疑问词 + 不定@ 词词组(to + 原形动词)』组成。名词词组与名词子句一样,在主要子句中可作主词、受ぷ词或置于 be 动词后作主词补语。此处的"how to properly decorate a cake"即作动词 demonstrate 的受词。

                We haven't decided where to go on vacation.


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