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                英国【学生科学读本 Lesson 27 虾(1)







                Lesson 27 The Shrimp

                第27课 虾

                Do you like shrimps? They are very nice to eat at tea-time along with bread and butter. Next time you have shrimps for tea, you must look at them well before you eat them.

                小朋友, 你喜欢吃虾吗? 在下午茶的时候, 就着◥面包和黄油吃虾, 可好吃了!下次, 你在下午茶吃虾的时候, 一定要仔细看看。

                The shrimps you eat have been boiled, and this made them look red; but when they are in the sea, their colour is like that of the sea-sand.

                小朋友吃的虾是已经煮熟█了的, 所以◥看起来是红色的;但是, 海里的虾的颜色, 跟海沙的颜色是一样的。

                The shrimp has a smooth, hard skin or shell all over the outside of its body, and its flesh is inside thisskin. It has a large head, made of what looks like one big ring of hard skin. Its body and it's tail are made of many smaller rings, all joined together.

                虾的身体外面╲包着一层光滑、坚硬的皮, 也叫甲壳(qiào), 这层皮里面才是肉。虾的头很大, 看上去就像∮甲壳的一个大“体节”。虾的身体和尾巴, 是很多小体节连在一起构成的。

                Do you see the black eyes of the shrimp? They look like little knobs, and stick out on the front of its head. Two pairs of feelers also grow out of its head. They help the shrimp to feel its way along the dark bottom of the sea.

                你看见虾的黑眼睛了吗? 就像两个小●圆疙瘩一样, 突出在脑袋前面。脑袋上还长着两对触角, 可※以帮助虾在黑暗的海底探路。

                The shrimp has several pairs of limbs. Some of these it uses for biting off its food. Other limbs are usedlike jaws for chewing its food.

                虾长ξ着好几对足, 有些足用来“咬掉”小块的食物, 有♂些足的功能像上下颌一样, 可以用来咀嚼食物。




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