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                《The Reader》 朗读者 用生命来守护自己的尊严






                No.012 《The Reader》 朗读者 用生命来守护自己的尊严


                The Reader is a 2008 romantic drama film based on the 1995 German novel of the same name by Bernhard Schlink. The film was written by David Hare and directed by Stephen Daldry. Ralph Fiennes and Kate Winslet star along with the young actor David Kross. It was the last film for producers Anthony Minghella and Sydney Pollack, who both died before it was released. Production began in Germany in September 2007, and the film opened in limited release on December 10, 2008.

                Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes star in The Hours director Stephen Daldry's haunting period drama concerning the relationship between a 15-year-old German boy and a mysterious woman twice his age, and the way that it grows doubly complex when the man reencounters the woman years later and discovers a shocking truth about her past. Based on author Bernhard Schlink's best-selling novel of the same name, the film opens on the character of Michael Berg (Ralph Fiennes) in middle age—cold, remote, and emotionally withdrawn. It then moves back in time to 1950s Berlin, where ailing teenager Michael (now played by David Kross) has fallen ill with fever, and is discovered in the street by Hanna, a woman in her thirties. After Michael recovers, the two immediately lapse into a torrid affair and Michael falls prey to the confusion of his own burgeoning sexuality. Their liaisons are often marked by Hanna's request that Michael read to her (hence the title). Later, when Michael returns to Hanna's flat and finds it deserted, her absence becomes an emotional blow for which he is completely unprepared, and indeed, scarred for life. The film then moves forward in time by eight years. Michael—now a law student—walks into a courtroom and comes across Hanna, one of a series of Nazi prison guards being tried for murderous war crimes during World War II. As he watches her on the witness stand, memories of their past experiences together bring him to the point of realization concerning a startling, long-buried truth about Hanna—and Michael knows that if he divulges this information, it could modify the prison sentence handed out and dramatically alter her fate.

                In total the film has grossed $34,194,407 at the domestic box office and $108,901,967 worldwide. The movie was released in the US on April 14 (DVD) and April 28 (Blu-ray), 2009 and in the UK on May 25, 2009 (both versions). In Germany two DVD versions (single disc and 2-disc special edition) and Blu-ray were released on September 4, 2009.

                Winslet and Kross, who plays the young Michael, received much praise for their performances; Winslet won a number of awards for her role, including the Academy Award for Best Actress. The film itself was nominated for several other major awards, including the Academy Award for Best Picture.



                《The Reader》 朗读者 用生命来守护自己的尊严











                15岁的少♀年米夏·伯格(大卫·克劳斯 饰)偶遇36岁的中年神秘女人汉娜(凯特·温丝莱特 饰),汉娜是一位列车售票员。后来,两人发展出一段秘密的情人关系。汉娜总是喜欢躺在米夏怀里,听米夏为她读书,她总是沉浸在米夏那朗朗的读书声中。年轻的米夏深深地沉溺于这种关系不能自拔,可是对于神秘的汉娜,他却一无所知,不了解她的身世、生活和¤过去。忽然有√一天,这个神秘女人消失了,这让米夏很失落。但是,在短暂的迷惑和悲伤之后,他开始了新的生活。








                《The Reader》 朗读者 用生命来守护自己的尊严


                Michael falls prey to the confusion of his own burgeoning sexuality

                文中的fall prey to是英语中的一个固定搭配,它有“成为…的牺牲品;深受…之害”的意思,该搭配中的to是介词,后面接名词或代词,比如:Street children in this part of the world often fall prey to drug dealers.(这个地方的街头流浪儿童常常落入毒贩子的魔掌中↘。)

                The film then moves forward in time by eight years

                Move forward是英语中的一个固定搭配,在文中是“向前移动,提步向前;向前发展”的意思,比如:We are confident this project is going to move forward.(我们有信心推进这个项目向前发展。)


                reencounter[?ri:in?kaunt?] v.重逢,再相遇

                withdrawn[wie?dr?:n] adj. 偏僻的;沉默寡言的;孤独的

                lapse[læps] n. 失效;流逝;过失

                torrid[?t?rid] adj. 晒热的;热情的

                prey[prei] n. 捕食;牺牲者;被捕食的动物

                burgeoning[?b?:d??ni?] adj. 增长迅速的;生机勃勃的

                liaison[li?eiz??] n. 联络;(语言)连音

                unprepared[?npri?pe?d] adj. 无准备的;即席的;尚未准备好的

                courtroom[?k?:tru:m] n. 法庭;审判室

                divulge[dai?v?ld?] vt. 泄露;暴露

                information[?inf??mei??n] n. 信息,资料;知识;情报;通知

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