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                四级翻译特训 | 文学艺术篇-38.京剧






                38. 京剧

                Beijing opera is one of the oldest opera art forms in the world. Since the Tang Dynasty, performers of Beijing opera were referred to as“theatrical performers”. During the Qing Dynasty, it became fashionable among ordinary people. Performances were watched in tearooms, restaurants, and even on makeshift stages. Exaggerated designs are painted on each performer's face to symbolize a character's personality, role, and fate. This technique may have originated from ancient religions and dance. Audiences who are familiar with the opera can know the story by observing the characters' facial paintings as well as their costumes.

                京剧是世界上最古老的戏剧艺术形式之一。从唐代起,京剧的表演者被称为“梨园弟子(theatrical performer)”。在清代,它在老百姓中也开始流行。表演是在茶馆、饭馆,甚至是在临时搭建的舞台上进行的。每个演员的脸上画着夸张的图案,代表每个人物的性格、角色和命运。这种技艺可能源于古代的宗教和舞蹈。熟悉京剧的观众可以通过观察人物的脸部描绘和服装来了解故事。

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