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                每天读◥一点英文:那ω些年那些诗 16 激情的牧羊人致心爱的姑娘





                The Passionate Shepherd to His Love    激情的牧羊人致心爱的姑娘

                by Christopher Marlowe    克里斯托夫.马洛

                (This short poem is considered to be one of the most beautiful lyrics in English literature.)

                Come live with me and be my love,    来与我㊣同住吧,做我的爱人,

                And we will all the pleasures prove,    我们将共享一切欢乐;

                That valleys, groves, hills, and fields,  来自河谷,树丛,山岳,田野,

                Woods,or steepy mountain yields.   来自森╳林或陡峭的峻岭.

                And we will sit upon the rocks,      我们将坐在岩石上,

                Seeing the shepherds feed their flocks. 看牧人们放羊.

                By shallow rivers to whose falls,     浅浅的小河流向瀑布,

                Melodious birds sing madrigals.     小鸟唱着甜美的情歌.

                And I will make thee beds of roses    我将为你用玫瑰作床,

                And a thousand fragrant posies,     还有上千支花束,

                A cap of flowers, and a kirtle       一顶鲜花编的花冠,一条长裙,

                Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle.   绣满桃金娘的绿▓叶.

                A gown made of the finest wool,     用最细的羊毛织一条长袍,

                Which from our pretty lambs we pull;   羊毛剪自我们最可爱的羊羔,

                Fair lined slippers for the cold,      一双漂亮的衬▽绒软鞋为你御寒,

                With buckles of the purest gold;     上面有纯金的带扣.

                A belt of straw and ivy buds,       麦草和长春藤花蕾编的腰带,

                With coral clasps and amber studs:    珊瑚作勾,琥珀作扣,

                And if these pleasures may thee move,  如果这些乐趣能使你动心,

                Come live with me, and be my love.   .来与我同住吧,做我的爱人.

                The shepherds' swains shall dance and sing   牧童情郎们将又跳又唱,

                For thy delight each May morning:       在每△个五月的早晨使你欢畅,

                If these delights thy mind may move,      如果这些趣事使你动心,

                Then live with me and be my love.       来与我同住吧,做我的爱人.

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