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                1.Do you like English? Why/Why not?

                Yes,I like English very much. because, I can study British culture 、British history、British custom and so on through lean English .By studying English I can know many things that I cannot study by one language. I enjoy it very much.

                2.How do you learn English?

                I have many ways to learn English. For example, by listening to English tapes、by Chatting with each other in English、by using MP3,and so on。They are useful for me very much.

                3.Do you often play computer games?

                Sometimes. When I have time, I will play computer games to relax myself in order to have more energy to study much knowledge. And I can find many interest and knowledge from computer games.

                Paper 2

                4.Do you think computers are useful? Why?

                Yes, of cause. Computers are very useful for us. The computers can give us much knowledge、much pleasure,and give us an open door to other life style 、other ways of thinking、other ways of doing。

                5.Do you like sports? Why?

                I like sports, of cause. Sports are very useful for me. Because sport can not only make strong in body and in temperament, But also strengthen unity of the students.In a word I can find much pleasure from sport. I like sports.


                1.How do you like the coffee here?

                Very nice!

                2.Shall I take the bus or the subway to Shanghai Railway Station?

                I think the bus should be better.

                3.Sorry, mum, I have broke a glass.

                That's all right.

                4.I think you really need a holiday.

                Oh,yes.I'll take your advise.

                5.Don`t sit on that chair, It`s broken.

                Thank you for your reminding me.

                6.Let`s go and have some ice cream.

                Yes,why not?

                7.What about going to the newly opened shopping center?

                Sure, I'd love to.

                8.You`d better not be late for class again.

                Sorry sir.

                9.You look tired.What`s the matter with you?

                I just caught a bad flu.

                10.Make sure that every windows is closed.

                Ok, I will


                1.What`s more important, health or wealth? Why?

                With the development of our modern society,more and more people put emphsis on the economy.But I think to a person,the most important treasure is their own health.Only have a good health, can you do other work,or you could get nothing!Secondly,the aim of making money is to live a better life. So obviously, all the wealth that people have earned is to improve their health and to live as long as possible.All in all, one's health is more important than wealth.

                2.Would you prefer to take public transportation or to own a private car?

                I'd like to choose the first one.There are three reasons for my choice.Firstly, the apply of fuel has become a serious problem. Many countries has faced with the lack of oil and some other resources.So we should take public transportation to save the resources.Secondly,More and more cars will cause a more and more serious air pollution.Nowadays, all the nations are trying to provide their local people with a clean environment. So I prefer to take the public buses rather than the private cars.

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