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                  时间顺序Time-Sequence:first, later, next, finally, before, after, now, previously, last, then, when, immediately, formerly, subsequently, presently, initially, ultimately meanwhile

                  举例Examplef:or example, such as,for instance, illustrate

                  列举Enumeration:and, too, finally, furthermore, first(ly), second, third, last, another, next

                  补充Continuation:also, in addition, and,further, another, as well as

                  比较或反差Comparison or Contrast:

                  比较类like, likewise, as, similarly, at the same time,as well as, both, all,in comparison,

                  反差类 on the other hand,in contrast, despite,nevertheless,yet, instead,rather, notwithstanding,though, regardless, unlike,although, even though,whereas but, in spite of,on the contrary, however

                  强调Emphasis:important to note, most, above all, especially valuable, a central issue, especially relevant, should be noted, the most substantial issue, remember that, a major event,the principal item, pay particular attention to, the chief factor, most of all, a significant factor, a primary concern, a key feature, the main value

                  因果Cause-Effect:because, accordingly,for this reason, hence, resulting, as a result, o, then, thus, therefore, since, consequently

                  总结Summary:thus, in short, to conclude, in brief, in the end, in summary, to reiterate, in conclusion, to sum up, finally, therefore, thus, as already stated define, is defined as, known as, that is, the term means, we mean, we can state, we refer to

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