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                  1. There is no reason to be impolite to another person.没有理由对别人无礼。

                  2. The car has had greater effect than the airplane has.车比飞机对社会影响大。

                  3. Technology designed to make people’s life simpler actually makes people’s life more complicated.本来是想让人生活变简单的技术实际上让人的生活变得更复杂。

                  4. Although new technology and science will continue to advance and improve people's life, the most significant improvement has been made.尽管科技仍然会提升,但是最重要的提升人们生活的发明已经出现了。

                  5. Parents should help children do their home work or encourage them to do their homework independently?父母应该帮助孩子写∩作业还是让他们独立完成作业。

                  6. High salaries with high risks of losing a job or low salary and secure job?高风险容易失去的工作还是低风险稳定的工作?

                  7. The government should support artists.政府应该资助艺术家吗?

                  8. There is no need for the government to help people since nowadays people can help themselves.现在人们都能自己帮助自己,政府没有必要帮助人们了。

                  9. Your job will have more influence on your happiness than your social life does.你的工作①对你的幸福感的影响大于你的社交生活对你幸福感的影响。(4.27日已考不用再看)

                  10. The food we eat today is healthier than the food we eat in the past.我们现在吃的食物更健康。

                  11. 20years from now, people will have more leisure time than they do now.二十年后人们会有更休闲的时光。

                  12. Effective leaders try to make people feel that they are part of the decision makers.有效的领导会让组员觉得自己是做决定的一部分。

                  13. In 20 years from now students will not use printed books any more.学生20年后不会再用纸质书籍了。

                  14. Getting advice from friends who are older than you is much valuable than getting advice from friends of your age.年长人的建议比同龄人的建议更有用。

                  15. Telephones are playing a more effective role than the television in people’s lives.电话比电视对人影响大。

                  16. The environment is too complex for individuals to handle.环境问题太复杂个人解决不了。

                  17. It is easier for parents to raise children now than they were in the past.现在的父母养孩子比以前容易。

                  18. The government should focus more on the improvement of children’s education rather than on the improvement of college.为了国家的发展政府应该更关注孩子的教育而不是大学教育。

                  19. The purpose of education is to educate not to entertain.电视的主要功能是教育而非娱乐。

                  20. It is better for people to spend money on something that can last for a long time such as an expensive jewelry than on something that offer a short term pleasure such as a vacation.把钱花在珠宝等长期保存的东西上还是花在享乐如度假?

                  21. Teachers should assign homework for students everyday.老师应该每天给学生布置作业吗?

                  22. Modern agriculture methods damage the environment, but providing food for the growing population around the world is more important than protecting the environment.现代农业损害环境但是提供食物比保护环境重要。


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