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                  1.People benefit more from traveling in their own country than traveling in a foreign country.

                  2.The environmental issues are too complicated to be handled by individual.

                  3.The way a person dresses is a good indication of his/her personality and character.

                  4.Parents should allow children to make mistakes and let them learn from their own mistakes.

                  5.Technology makes people's lives simpler rather than makes people's lives more complicated.

                  6.The major purpose of television is to educate, not to entertain.

                  7.Cars have had a greater effects on society than airplanes.

                  8.Visiting museums is the best way to learn about a country.

                  9.Regardless of the price, people should buy the products that are made by their own country.

                  10.The rapid growth of cities in today's world is a mostly positive development for the society.

                  11.Although new technology and science will continue to advance and improve people’s life, the most significant improvement has been made.

                  12.It is more important for the government to improve internet access rather than spending more on public transportation.

                  13.Should the government support artists and art programs?

                  14.Some people like to record their life by sharing pictures and other information on social-networking sites. Others keep this information to themselves and never share it online. Which do you prefer?

                  15.Government should support the scientific research even if it does not have practical use.

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