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                地道美语听力㊣播客:Dining at a Restaurant II




                I love coming to this Italian restaurant. The appetizers and desserts are to die for . When the waiter came to our table to take our order , my friend ordered a lobster ravioli dish, and I ordered my favorite, lasagna. The waiter then asked us, "Would you like a soup or salad with that?" My friend said yes; I passed on both.
                The vibe in the restaurant is pretty laid back , not at all uptight like you find in some of the ritzier restaurants in Beverly Hills. The wait staff is courteous, although sometimes the hostesses can be a bit snooty .
                Anyway, when our meals arrived, everything was cooked to perfection. Since I didn't order any appetizers, soup, or salad, I was starved . Even though I was really hungry, I tried not to gobble down my food too quickly. I didn't want my friend to think I was a pig ! But even though I tried not to, I still overate . When the waiter asked if we wanted any dessert or after dinner drinks, I just couldn't resist getting the apple-filled crepes. They are the best .
                When we got our check , my friend and I split the bill, as we're accustomed to do. I frankly prefer to go Dutch when I eat out with friends. So that was the end of a really great meal. Now I have to hit the gym if I'm going to lose any of this extra weight I gained from eating that lasagna!
                Script by Dr. Jeff McQuillan
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