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                Tofu is harming the planet more than meat: researchers


                Soy meat substitutes such as tofu have a worse impact on global warming than the consumption of lamb, pork or chicken, according to researchers and scientists who presented their findings at a British National Farmers' Union conference on Tuesday.


                A vegetarian diet is also harmful to health, leads to higher emissions in farm production, and contributes to the destruction of the global ecosystems, said the researchers at the conference in London.


                The results of the research appear to refute the research of other scientists who claim the opposite.



                According to Graham McAuliffe of the Rothamsted Institute, researchers usually do not take into account the fact that it is more difficult for the human body to process plant-based proteins, which means that people have to eat more.

                根据罗瑟姆研究所的Graham McAuliffe的说法,研究人员通常没有考虑到这样△一个事实,即人体处理植物蛋白更加困难,这意味♀着人们必须吃更多←。

                From this point of view, the research suggests that to receive the same amount of protein from the tofu as from meat, one has to eat more of the soy substitute, which leads to higher greenhouse gas emissions.


                However, McAuliffe added that the results of his research should be interpreted with caution.


                Soybeans and other products that vegans tend to gravitate to, such as palm oil, are also linked with deforestation and massive mono-culture planting, which is said to deplete soil nutrients and contribute to climate change.


                According to Minette Batters, president of the British National Farmers' Union, campaigns against meat consumption are more of a problem than Brexit.

                英国全国农民联盟(British National Farmers’Union)主◣席米内特•巴特斯(Minette Batters)表示,反对肉类消费的运╳动比英国退欧更成问题。

                Dairy farmers alone saw their profits decline 50 percent in just one year, largely influenced by the shift towards plant-based drinks.


                “The vegan way of life has been enormously detrimental to farmers’ mental health. We want people to get involved more than just by eating vegan food," she said at the conference, adding that people equate eating vegan food to fighting climate change.


                Furthermore, researchers point out that vegan versions of unhealthy foods such as fish fingers, sausages, bacon, or burgers can be far more harmful to health than the meat versions. According to the BBC, these processed substitutes often contain higher levels of salt or sugar in addition to more indigestible substances.

                此外,研究人★员指出,纯素食版本的不健康食品,如炸鱼条、香肠、培根或汉堡,对健ξ康的危害可能远远大于纯素食版本的肉㊣类食品。据BBC报道,这些加工过的替代品通常含有更高水平的盐或糖,此外ζ 还含有更多不易消化的物质。

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